Pixel Gun 3D iPad app

Pixel Gun 3D is Elijah’s new favorite game. It is a shooting game with a Minecraft feel. He learned the game from a neighbor.

Pixel Gun 3D is an online game that allows you to interact with other people through chat. I am not aware of this feature before until Elijah asked me to type something for him.

Elijah is trying to hook up with a player. Seriously? Nope. I asked him why does he had to ask the player about being his girl friend. He told he wanted to be friends with her. So there goes the girl friend instead of girlfriend. Unfortunately, the player didn’t respond and move away. He asked me “She didn’t like me?” and I said “Yes”.

Players from that room doesn’t even know that my son is only 4 years old trying to act someone who knows the game very much. There is also one instance that he chatting with the other guys telling them “Hey! It’s me Elijah, do you remember me? Hey! It’s me.”

Am I bad for allowing him to chat with strangers? I guess so but I am not. You know the conversation is only one-way. No one is even replying to him or even if someone does, Elijah won’t entertain. He may be a conversation starter but believe me it will not go far because he is very lazy to type. He may answer you but he won’t type it, he’ll say it out loud as if you are hearing him and will type your reply back.

Pixel Gun 3D is cool. We tried playing together in one room but cannot find one another. I wonder why. He’s not showing up in the list and I am not showing on his list.

So for those of you who might be playing this game, please keep in mind that my son is using the usernames: Werty chop, Mama Ayie, Erty, Elijah. Please say HI if ever you see him online. Ha-ha!

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