Mother’s Day 2015


Thank you very much for loving us all unconditionally. Thank you for teaching us how to be responsible. Thank you for helping us grow happy and better people. Without you, we do not know where we are right now. Thank you for your very long sermons, without it, we may not be who we are right now. Thank you for being there for us and for the kids.  We were not blessed financially when we are growing up but you never fail to give all our needs. Thank you for being strong for us. I may not finish schooling and gave birth early but you supported me all the way. You are always there for whatever path we want to take. I always want to be like you Mama when it comes to being a fighter. We all love you Granma! We wish you all the best (financially, spiritually, emotionally, and physically).




Mother’s day is also a family day for us. It is the day where we are complete – my sisters, mom, their husbands, and the kids. Masagana Homes is always the place to be.

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