R E S I K L O : A Fun Dining Restaurant

We were looking for a place to eat dinner on Kuya Olan’s birthday, but didn’t want to go to our usual places. I remembered there was a newly opened restaurant across Eurobake Malolos, so Ayie called ahead to make sure they were still open. They still were, so we went ahead.

The first thing that struck us when we entered the establishment is the lovely decor of the place. Closer inspection revealed that recycled materials were used on all of the design pieces. It turns out that the owner (Miss Diana) is an artist who uses recycled materials for her works of art.

We’re used to brightly-lit restaurants (we prefer it for picture-taking purposes), so we had to adjust to the more subdued lighting of Resiklo. They have a section in the restaurant which they call The Bahaghari Lounge, where they have live music every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. More art pieces can be seen here, which the owner informed us are works of other artists from their Bahaghari group (thus the lounge name).

We liked the attention to every little detail, including the menu (although it was a bit hard to read in some parts because of the background).

We were pleased to learn that Resiklo serves food that are familiar to our taste buds. They had a Mother’s Day promo that they kindly made available to us even though Mother’s Day has already passed, and we chose one set of food from the promo plus some additional items on their menu.

The owner, Diana, was there, and she graciously entertained our questions about the restaurant. She, and the rest of the staff, were really nice. They sang a birthday song for Kuya Olan and gave him the carrot cake above for free. Diana even took a selfie with us:

It was a fun dining experience that we hope to repeat again, and we hope to bring all the boys with us. I particularly would like to taste their crispy dinuguan when we come back again.


WHERE: Unit 6-7 North Centrum Building Sta. Cruz, Guiguinto, Bulacan (across Eurobake, beside Dunkin Donuts)
HOURS: M, T, W, Th, F, Sa | 12:00PM – 12:00AM
CONTACT: (044) 794 9248
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/RESIKLO.fundining/

FOOD – 9


VALUE – 10



Good food, great service and artsy decor. Loved their grilled chicken!

Original post from our food blog: http://heysisters.com/2015/06/resiklo-fun-dining-restaurant/

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