How About a Ladies’ Bingo Night This Weekend?

If you are a parent you know how tiring life can get. With all the joys that children bring, there is also the constant stress that overwhelms most of us by the end of the day. We stand in the shower and wonder, ‘how did the day pass by so fast?’.

If you feel anything like this, you know how important it is to take a break, and what is a better time to take a break than the weekend?

But what if you do not feel like leaving your kids at home with a babysitter? The simple solution is to stay in- and plan a ladies’ bingo night with your friends!

Here are some fun ideas you can use to have a great time at home:

  1. Call a Beautician: You have all worked hard for the entire week, and now that you are together at home it is time to pamper yourself. Call a beautician and fill in some glasses of wine. Sit back and enjoy the beauty treatment. A manicure, pedicure or a facial, the choices are endless.
  2. Bake: If you and your friends like baking, why not go into the kitchen and experiment a little? Try making the new cake that everyone has been raving about, or how about a batch of classic hot chocolate chip cookies?
  3. Play Games: Nothing can de-stress you better than some games with your friends. Pull out the old board games and dust ‘em nice. You are never too old to play. If board games are not your thing, why not try your luck at a game of bingo or slots? You can play bingo at sites like Gamevillage to get some amazing offers.

So the next time you are staying in on the weekend, call up your friends once your kids are asleep, keep your energy flowing and have a memorable time.

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