Blog Update: Work-Life Balance

I’ve been very busy these past few months. The whole family was sick for more than two weeks! It was hard but we managed. So to give you an update, we were able to finally move into our new home last March 27 (Tuesday) and had to ask my tita for some help in cleaning the house. I do believe in superstitions so we brought rice, water, salt, sugar, cotton, and coins before anything comes inside. The coins we used were from our previous house when we moved in there 2 years ago. I believe that those coins brought us good luck so I used them again and added some because we already spend some of it.

The initial plan was to leave everything and give the furniture away. We wanted to start a new life. New life, new home, new us but it turned out that there are still things that we need to transfer. My cousin helped us by lending her car to us. It was a relief since we didn’t have to pay for a lipat-bahay truck.

There are still boxes that we need to sort out, clothes to fold, things to throw away, and minor issues that need to be dealt with like window blinds, kitchen cabinets, etc… Moving is harder than I thought especially when you are running out of time. We do not want to extend another month and pay house rent so we’ve decided to push through the moving for just two weeks! We weren’t prepared! Maybe I can’t believe that we are already moving to our new home, our fruit of labor.

Here’s a sneak peek of our humble abode. We wish to welcome you here once we are done with everything.

Our first quarter has been a total roller coaster ride. I am hopeful that things will slow down in the coming days. I would like to thank my life partner, Lloyd, for being my personal driver, interior designer, and engineer, and for giving me the emotional support I needed when I was about to give up.


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