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During the first few months of welcoming a new baby, couples take a lot of time learning the ropes of parenting and sharing their home – sometimes their bedroom – with their little one. The baby needs attention, and the parents need to read baby books, cook, do the laundry and get used to waking up before sunrise.

With so many things to do, it’s no wonder parents have no time for each other and eventually drift apart. The good news is, you don’t have to fall into the same category as you can still find time to nurture a bond with your partner.

  • Plan a Date

When you are taking turns to work, nap, clean, feed and carry the baby, the odds are that you and your significant other are spending time away from each other. By planning for a date to spend some much needed time with your partner, you are working towards a goal that will benefit every member of your family.
You can start with a breakfast date on the weekends and eventually work your way up to a night out as the baby gets a little older. Setting a day/night aside every week can help you realize each other’s importance and not feel ignored.

  • Pack on the Affection

When you were dating, you and your partner used to do the little things like sending random text messages, leaving a sticky note on a counter or waking each other up with a kiss. Having a baby shouldn’t put a cramp in that style. You should look into doing something romantic for your partner occasionally. While these acts of kindness don’t take a lot of time or require any effort, it will remind your other half that you care.

  • Stroll

You can turn your baby’s naptime into a romantic walk for you and your partner. While the fresh air will do your child some good while s/he is sleeping in the bob double jogging stroller age, you and your partner can enjoy having an opportunity to talk.

  • Day Off

Give your partner a day off from taking care of the baby. It could be an afternoon to hang out with the boys, a night out with the girls or merely taking a nap – offer to take care of your child while your partner enjoys some personal time. Giving them time to unwind will remind your other half that you care about their wellbeing and you don’t want them to run down or be too tired for other things.

  • Remain Connected

When you become a parent, your personal life seems to disappear, so you need to make moves to remain connected with your lover. You can take at least five minutes each day to ask your partner about his/her day and have them ask about yours. Practice doing this when you both have time where you can have each other’s undivided attention. Ensure that you listen without passing judgment when your partner is talking and try to put yourself in their shoes – little empathy goes a long way in keeping the connection between you strong.


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