The Top 5 Places to Get Chocolate in Southern California

Everybody loves chocolate, that’s just how it is. But obtaining the best chocolate is not as easy as picking up any brand anywhere. For chocolate lovers, buying chocolate is an experience in itself too, just as much as enjoying the chocolate is. So where do you get your chocolate in Southern California. Here are some of the top 5 places to get chocolate.

1. Luisa Chocolatiere

This is one of the top spots where you can get your chocolate in Southern California. The owner of the establishment, Luisa has learnt the art of chocolate making in France, first under a Monsieur and chocolatier Sender and further at Nanterre in chocolate courses.

She has grown her art in chocolate making to become one of the best chocolatiers in the region. She makes only real chocolate which is creamy and smooth. Her establishment is located at 26941 Cabot Road Suite #106, Laguna Hills, California. You can also get custom made chocolate, made exactly to your specifications.

2. Compartes

The shop is another highly renowned chocolate retailer in southern California. It was opened back in the 1950s and was recently rejuvenated. They make high quality gourmet chocolates from scratch. Their chocolate is prepared on a daily basis by their team of professional chocolatiers using fresh ingredients.

The shop stocks all types of chocolates from dark to white in all forms such as bar chocolates, chocolate truffles and so much more. They are located on 912 S Barrington Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90049. While here you might also decide to check out Santa Barbara Chocolate. They also make the some of the best chocolate in the region.

3. See’s candies

See’s Candies is another chocolate retailer with a series of shops around southern California. The business has been around for over 90 years selling candies and chocolate. This is a sign that it has been offering quality chocolate to their customers.

It also allows customers to create their own custom chocolate and candies mix at the counter. They are well known for delicious boxed chocolate, truffles, nuts and chews, lollipops and sugar free candy.

4. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

The chocolate factory is located at 100 Citadel Drive, suite 442, Commerce, CA, 90040. The factory is known to make high quality chocolate and confectioneries that are delivered to their many franchises and retailers in the United States.

It is known for all types of chocolate including milk chocolate, dark chocolate, Nutty, Caramels, gift baskets, chocolate bars, fudges, sugar free candies and so much more.

5. Anandamide

The shop is located on 2040 E 4th St. Long Beach, CA 90814. They sell different types of chocolates in different treats such as truffles and chocolate bars. The shop prides itself at offering chocolate that is made from organic Cocoa that is wild and jungle harvested from Ecuador.

It also uses other high quality ingredients in their products such as coconut, banana, maca, lucuma, honey, ginger, cinnamon and clove amongst others depending on what is being made.

At all these places you will be able to enjoy high quality chocolate for any occasion or have your own order custom made for you. You will also enjoy a variety of different treats.


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