Hello Baby Fats

My birthday is about to come and we are planning to go swimming since it’s Sunday. But I am worried because I am eating too much since Christmas and I was wondering how many kilos did I gain. I want to buy a weighing scale for our own so that I don’t have to go to the nearest health center to check my weight from time to time. Elijah also needed the scale because he lost .2 kilos when he was admitted to the hospital two weeks ago but now he is back to normal and eating a lot too so I guess he gains enough now. The last time I checked, I was 43 kilos, that was November. A month passed already and I gain baby fats! I wonder what’s my weight now.
I think I don’t have to go on a diet because no matter what I do, my stretch marks remain in my belly. I can’t use a swimsuit. Maybe I’ll just use a simple whirt shirt and shorts.

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