4 winners of $5 via random drawing for the first 13 contestants

Here are the 4 lucky winners of $5.

1. Kat
2. Dorothy Ababon
3. Bona Ong
4. Janice Lim – De Rona
5. apple
6. Yami Torrecampo
7. Sheryl Apuhin
8. niko eras
9. Rikka
10. Gene Corbito
11. Rosette Omana
12. Edsie
13. marice

SHORT STRAWS: apple, niko eras, Rosette Omana, rikka

I used David Goodrich’s draw straws application, which uses numbers from RANDOM.ORG.

Congratulations! Please send me the details where to send the money. Thank you very much!

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