Pre-Birthday Celebration

We went last week to a beach to celebrate my 20th birthday. It was not planned so we don’t have the chance to buy eye wear, swim ring, goggles, and hat. Elijah didn’t have trunks so I let him use his colored shirt.

It was 3 am in the morning when we left home. Good thing the taxi driver accompanied us until we reached a cheap beach front cottages. The sky was very dark until 11 am, it also rained but it didn’t stop us to enjoy the water. Elijah, my niece Svet and my youngest sister Lexene were so happy. They spent their whole day swimming and making sand castles.

The water was very warm and the sand made me feel sleepy. Going to beach is so relaxing and fun. I wish to buy my own resort too so that whenever we want to relax, there’s a place for us to go.

The rain poured heavily in the morning so the jelly fishes went out when the sun shone and it made the water itchy. I had lots of rash when we went home. I can’t help but scratch it, it’s too painful and itchy at the same time.

I guess this is the best birthday experience I ever had. Thanks to all of you who made my birthday week very special.

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