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Our family has history of diabetes and high blood pressure, so I’m taking care not to eat a lot of sweets and fatty food, lest I end up like my late grandfather and now my mom who almost always has high blood pressure. Now that Elijah is here, I am taking extra care not to, because who else would take care of Elijah when I get sick? I know now how being a parent makes you paranoid about health issues. Imagine my panic when I heard you can get malignant mesothelioma from constant exposure to the most innocuous of things!

I know I just need to be more careful of taking care of my family’s health. It is so expensive to be hospitalized these days and we don’t even have a health card to help us through those times! Trust me, I know the feeling. When Elijah was hospitalized for three days because of gastroenteritis, I was really scared because we had little money and not a lot to go by. I know that I would do everything in my power not to let that happen again, and I’m hoping and praying that it never does again. Although he gets the usual cold every now and then, but I know that this is just normal so I need not panic.

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  1. naku its true mahal talaga magkasakit kaya nga i’m thankful kasi my daughter bihira magkasakit.
    btw, thanks for the invitation sa contest mo pwede ba mag join ulit kahit naka join na yon isa ko blog. Pwede ba yon multiple blog and one more thing yon real pinay blogger na blog ko eh 1 month p lang sya thanks. 🙂

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