Educational Toys

I want to bring Elijah in a daycare center near us but I am not sure if they will allow us since he is only 1 year and 8 months. His eagerness to learn new things makes me think that he can understand the lesson very well. Elijah’s toys are purely building blocks. The last time his dad bought him soldier toys, he destroyed them. He took the arms and feet away. Remote controlled cars are in my list. I want him to learn how to drive a toy car. He has his own toy car but is now a display because the remote control is not working anymore. I don’t give him toys that are not essential for his development. I want him to learn and play at the same time. Before purchasing a lovely toy, I’ll ask myself first if this will help Elijah. It makes sense everytime. I don’t have extra money to buy all the things he want so I make sure to purchase only those things that will make him happy and at the same time will let him learn on his own.

Building blocks were my first purchase. It was a good choice so I am going to stick with it. Elijah is playing blocks by colors, shapes and sizes.

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