Weaning – Day 3

Wake up very early so I can do my work without any distraction but ended up browsing Facebook statuses until Elijah wakes up. I already put garlic on my breast and get ready if ever he asks for it. I became sleepy in the afternoon so I can’t help but offer him my milk so we can sleep together. If I don’t, he’ll just keep on poking my eyes until i get irritated with his actions. We do sleep soundly and woke up 9 pm. Waaa.

He didn’t ask for milk when we are about to sleep at 12 mn. He just keeps on rolling and rolling while the light is off and sing all the nursery rhymes he has in mind. He is squeezing my nipple but didn’t have the courage to drink it. After an hour, he fall asleep. Lloyd and i are not making any movement so he will think we are already sleeping too. Thanks God this strategy always work for him.

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  1. hi! I just want to ask how old is Elijah? I am also planning to wean my baby and I already even attempted it.. but i’m not successful, he still can’t sleep on his own unless I breastfeed him. Good for you, Elijah already knows how to drink from the glass. My baby is like yours, he plays with his bottle nipple. keep us updated with your weaning.. 🙂

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