Childhood: Then and Now

My son has his own iPod touch and is allowed to use the laptop/desktop computer to play games and watch videos. He can also use our cellphone to play with when his gadget has no battery. During my childhood, I was only allowed to watch television after finishing my assignments and that was only for two to three hours because I have to sleep before the clock strike 8 pm or else my mom will scold me. It was simple back then but now almost all the kids that I know are into computer  games and demand on having blackberry phones. They don’t settle for old mobile phones anymore since new release of cell phones can now connect to the internet for free, have qwerty keypads or touch screen feature.

My 10 year old sister had her very first cellphone when she was 8 while I had mine when I was a  third year high school not to mention that she has a dual sim cellphone with music player, camera, video player and so on. I have nothing against it and to be honest I am happy for what she can get because I know we can give the best for her. We give her what she needs as long as we can and we tell her not to envy her friends.

As a mom to Elijah, I also want to give everything he needs and wants but not to the point that I am already spoiling him. We, parents, don’t have to compare our childhood to them since their world is no longer simple anymore. We can’t tell them to ignore what they see or hear because they are already surrounded with high technology. Our role is to teach them appreciate what they have already.

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