Divorce and Separation

Having a divorce can be a difficult and rewarding experience to the couple. Difficult experience because after all those beautiful years together something happened that resulted in separation, rewarding for those who think their marriage gone wrong and won’t work anymore.

My parents separated when I was in elementary and it was a hard time for all of us. For more than three years I asked God to bring my mom and dad together again. Challenges come and go and I stopped from praying because it was useless.

Things happen for a reason and I know that when my mom and dad decided to separate ways, something wonderful is about to happen. Mom gave us a beautiful sister, she is now happy with her new partner in life. My dad is active in church activities and living with his sister. He is serving the Lord with all his heart. We are now happy and contented but mom and dad has no closure until now. It’s been years when they last talked and saw each other. Maybe they don’t wanna see each other again.

Kids may not fully understand this at first because the school and church taught us that our parents should stay together whatever happens. I was praying and hoping for how many years and it’s true that not everything we want are given to us. I learned to see things in a positive way when I decided to stop hoping.


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