Teach Your Child to Spell

My son just turned three last Saturday ( September 1, 2012). He is one smart and happy kid. Everyone loves him not only because he’s the youngest but also there are things that he can do at an early age.

Elijah can spell his name three months before his birthday. It was July and we were on our way to Baguio City. What I do is keep on repeating words together with their spelling. I was like talking to myself because he never paid attention to what I was saying that was why I get surprised when I asked the spelling of his name. It was one of the moments I can never forget.

He can now spell zombie, elijah, mama, lolo, box, tiger and lexene. He doesn’t want to write. He loves to write in the air not in the paper. Silly kid!

I am in the process of teaching him spell number, fruits and color words. I know he can go to school next school year but I am not going to force him if he doesn’t like. We can always try homeschooling whenever he wants.


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