Embracing Motherhood

I was not that excited in having my first baby. My mind was about going out and making friends. I don’t even want to breastfeed my child because I want to drink alcoholic beverages and do what an average teenager does. Elijah arrived one day after my due date. In the hospital where I was born, we were not allowed to bring formula milk and feeding bottles. I have to breastfeed my son and it’s not what I wanted.

I do not embrace motherhood the time I learned I was pregnant. It was hard for me to accept things easily since I am just on my second year in college when I got pregnant. It was when I breastfeed my first son that I realized I am no longer a teenager, I am already a mother with a son who will depend in every decision I will make during his younger years.

I do not choose to have a baby at an early age. An angel named Elijah chose me to be his mom so it happened.

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