When is the Right Time to Wean my Baby?

There is no right time to wean your baby. It is only you who can decide whether to continue breastfeeding or not. Do you think weaning your baby will make him eat more healthy food? You are the only one who knows what is best for your baby.

Experts recommend exclusive breastfeeding up to six months of age but weaning is a personal decision and be based on what you think is best for both of you. If you are returning to work or whatever your reason is you have to know if you are prepared and ready to wean your baby.

Weaning cannot be done overnight. It takes a week to months before you can fully wean a baby. Take it slowly. If you are breastfeeding for 6 times during the morning for example then make it 4 or 5, drop one feeding every 1-2 days and give your kid something else to do or give him a formula milk suitable for his age.

You might want to check out my article MY WEANING JOURNEY TO MY SON for tips on how to wean your child. Goodluck!

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