Vitamin A and Deworming

Yesterday was my scheduled DMPA shot. The shot they gave me was different since it’s only good for a month so I have to come back on November 22 for another shot. The price is still the same, 50 php. Lyndavel is much cheaper since the 50 php payment for a single shot lasts up to three months while Norifam is good only for a month.

The Health center staff is giving away Vitamin A and deworming tablet to children ages 5 and below except infant. Since Elijah was not with me, I asked if I can get some and bring it at home good thing she agreed and I am happy because it’s for free. The last time Elijah got this vitamin A and deworming tablet was summer of 2011.

Elijah took the vitamin A with force. What I mean is that he doesn’t want any kind of medicine in any form, he won’t drink it voluntarily unless we have to force him. I pulverized the deworming tablet and mix it to his juice.

As to what I heard, both vitamins are given in six months interval. All health centers are giving away free vitamin A and deworming tablet so you may want to check the nearest health center and get some.


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