Hepatitis B vaccine

Hepa B or Hepatitis B vaccine protects against hepatitis B which is known as the most common serious liver infection. It is injected in the muscle of the upper thigh. It is given either at birth or after 6 weeks.

If the first dose of Hepa B vaccine is given at birth, the first scheduled injection should be at 6 weeks then at 14 weeks. If the first dose is given at 6 weeks then the second dose should be at 10 weeks and 14 weeks for the third dose. This vaccine is given to babies in a series of three shots with 0.5 ml each.

This vaccine can cause mild fever for one or two days after the injection. It is administered in the muscle of upper thigh not in the buttock. If Hepatitis B vaccine is given at the same time with DPT, both should not be injected in the same thigh.


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