My Weaning Journey To My 2 Year Old Son

For 49 days of experimenting of how Elijah will survive without my milk, I am very happy that it worked. It all started December last year because I was very eager to lose some pounds because my clothes don’t fit in me anymore.

It’s funny how we tried not to say dede for more than a month when Elijah is around because he will surely ask for it but now when I am trying to say that I want to breastfeed him, he will only scream and run away from me while laughing. We both end up laughing always. He is still squeezing my nipple when he feels bad or when someone is mad at him. Maybe he finds peace and comfort when he’s near my breast. There are times that he is joking me. He will act as if he is nursing and when I am about to remove my bra, he will scream and run away. Haha!

My weaning journey:

Weaning: Day 1

Weaning: Day 2

Weaning: Day 3

Weaning: Day 4

Weaning: Day 6

Weaning: Day 8

Weaning: Day 15

Weaning: Day 43

Weaning: Successful

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