How Old Were You When You Had Your First Baby?

How old were you when you had your first baby? I was always embarrassed when someone asked me this question because I thought I was an irresponsible child of my parent for bringing another life in this world without thinking about my future. My relatives didn’t know about my pregnancy until I gave birth to Elijah. I was so scared that they might scold me or say bad things against me. My father didn’t know about my pregnancy and told him about it a week after I gave birth. It was so hard for me I didn’t know who to trust.

I gave birth at the age of 19. No one knew about my pregnancy but my family. I just learned to accept what happened to me when my relatives finally knew that Elijah was born and they were all happy with it. I never heard anything bad from my grandmother and father.

I became responsible with my actions because I want others to see the new me and of course I do not want my son to grow up like those kids who are under their grandparents supervision because their parents are still not over with their teenage life. I thank my son for bringing this kind of change in my life and also God for trusting me that I can raise a child at an early age.


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  1. I was 27 when I had my 1st baby. what is advantage about you having Elijah at 19 is that before reaching 40 may 20 years old ka na. You attend your son’s college graduation still so young and fresh, parang ate lang, o di ba ? Like my mama (she’s 21 when she had me), I’m proud of her bec. she’s the youngest amongst the parents everytime she attended meetings and closing ceremonies and always napagkamalan na ate ko:) What’s beautiful about you is you became responsible when you have Elijah and you’ve proven to be a good mother regardless of your age:)

  2. I was 31 when I had my first baby. 😀 Too old already in fact. LOL But I believe age doesn’t matter as long as you have the right perspective of life already. I know you are on the right track! 🙂

  3. I was also 19 {turning 20} the year I gave birth to Chakai, but I was already married for more than a year before I got pregnant. 😛 Civil palang naman, the church wedding came much later, like 5 years after. hehe simple lang, walang entourage, it was just me, the priest, our bffs, our family and Chakai. 😀

  4. I was 34 when I gave birth to my son; it took long for me to conceive because I had a medical condition that was treated only in 2004. I don’t think it really matters how old a woman gives birth. What really matters is how responsible that woman is to be a mom. I’m sure your grandmother and father are proud of you for raising Elijah well.

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