Decoding A Child’s Language

They always say that only parents can understand their children. No matter how hard it is for us to understand what they are saying, we still figure it out. Elijah is learning three languages ( Tagalog, Ilokano and English) at the same time since birth that is why there is a delay in his language development.

The idea of bringing him to a speech-language pathologist never cross my mind. Simply because we do not have money and I do believe that kids are not the same. While some of the kids are advance in all areas of development, there are kids who have developmental delays. Elijah may not speak clearly until now but he can communicate with us very well. He sounds like a Minion most of the time due to the videos he is watching in YouTube.

I would like to decode every word, phrase and sentence that seems to be so strange to me in order to understand my son fully. When all else fails to understand, Mama is always here. 🙂

Elijah says: Lego Many Fingers

I decode: Lego Mini Figures

Elijah says: Bancher

I decode: Launcher

Elijah said: Mi Aw

I decode: Mickey Mouse

Elijah said: Mamati

I decode: Food

Elijah said: Mamati Dabaw

I decode: Soup

Elijah said: A’ma

I decode: Granma

Elijah said: Tarbarbie

I decode: Tita Lex

Elijah said: Naija

I decode: Mama/ Elijah

Elijah said: Pou

I decode: Tito Paul


I will update this list from time to time.

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