The Perks of Being a WAHM

The perks of being a WAHM are countless. I will be forever grateful that my sister taught me how to work online. I started as a blogger on 2009. Blogging is not my passion and I started it for the sake of earning money. I have to be blunt about it and am not ashamed of how I see it.

With blogging, I purchased my own laptop, my son’s iPad, two refrigerators, a convection oven, basic house necessities, countless dine-outs, paid our bills and many more. Upon learning that I cannot depend on my blogging earnings forever, I tried applying to Craigslist job postings and made an account on Odesk. I am very lucky to find kind and generous clients despite of my shortcomings.

See that foot? It is only one of the perks I enjoy being a WAHM

Being a WAHM is tiring and fulfilling at the same time. I do the household chores, look after my son and make a living. It is challenging because I have to multi-task most of the time. Here are the perks I am enjoying as a work at home mom.

  1. I can work on my pajamas! Okay. I do not wear jammies because I am not comfortable in wearing one. What I mean with this is that I can start working online without the need to dress up or even if I still have morning glory and dry saliva in my face, no one will even care! This may sound gross, but it’s me. You have the option to look good or not before you turn on your laptop and earn.
  2. I do not have to wake up very early to prepare for work. Upon waking up, I just have to start my laptop and boom! I am now on my way on being a millionaire. Kidding.
  3. I do not have to deal with unwanted group of people in my workplace. I work alone and it makes me happy.
  4. I have the power to choose not to accept phone call/video interviews. I am powerful like that. I prefer chat interview, if you do not like my rules, then you are welcome to choose another contractor. FIERCE!
  5. Unlimited hugs and kisses from my little boy while I am busy working.
  6. I can cook, eat, do the laundry, tend the boys need while on Odesk. Let’s talk about multi-tasking.
  7. I have my own working hours. I may have the whole weekdays doing nothing and cram on weekends just to finish my work before another week starts. Again, I have the power to control my schedule.
  8. I choose my own salary. YES, you read it right.
  9. I can have many jobs as I want. Can I juggle five? No, but my sister does. Haha! I can only manage two full time work.
  10. No bosses on the loose. Yay! I do not have to worry that my client will caught me Facebooking or playing Flappy Bird during work hours.
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