Educational Finds: Fun Thinkers Grolier

Fun Thinkers of Grolier is a matching game designed to stimulate your child’s brain power. It is a very good investment for families with kids.

We had the chance to use Fun Thinkers when Ma’am Nora ( Golden Minds Academy owner) let Elijah borrow it from the school. They are so fond of Elijah that they allow us to use it during weekends. Yay! The kid is staying up late because he cannot get over with this game. He’s addicted to every page and just can’t stop answering.

Fun Thinkers has 3 different levels of Math, English, and Thinking Skills and All Around Fun. It comes in a set of 10 books and a Match-Frame. The Match-Frame has 1-16 numbers and on the other side it has yellow, blue, green, and red colors which allow you to self-check your kid’s work easily. It is easy to use, even adults will love this game!

The picture above is definitely NOT the right way to use it. Elijah was playing with it and I have no idea on how to use it. He told me it is played like that but when I read the instruction it should be the other way around. The colored tiles should be underneath and you’ll be seeing numbered tiles.

I was thinking if I should but a set for Elijah or not. If I buy it, my nephew and niece will surely enjoy playing with it. If I do not buy, we can borrow the set every weekend from the school so Elijah can use it. Should I buy or not? BTW, the price is around $200.

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  1. Hi Mommy Phoebe, thanks for sharing this article. You should but if it’s worth it. I’m also interested about this and was considering buying one for my 2 kids and I guess the price is reasonable. What’s important to me is that they would enjoy playing the game and at the same time learn. May I ask where can we find this product?

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