Things To Consider When Buying a Sofa

Buying a sofa is a major investment that is why you have to make the right choice to save yourself from money, time, space and patience.

Our home looks bare and lonely without a sofa. We sit on the floor, our guests sit on the floor, we work in the bedroom or in the dining table. I feel empty. So about months ago, we bought a sofa set out of frustration. Yes. I’ve been eyeing this sofa set in Waltermart for many months but when we got it, it is not the quality I am looking for and too big for our living room!

This is what you got when you don’t know the things to consider when buying sofas.

1. Size. I have learned that you have to consider the size of your living room before buying a sofa set. The one that we got is an L-shaped gamuza sofa set. It looks small in the display section of the mall but when we bought it, it can barely fit inside out living room.

2. Shape. Considering the shape of the sofa is a big factor since not all shapes can fit into a small room. There are different shapes to consider: Bridgewater, Lawson, Tuxedo and Knole, Cabriole, Chesterfield, Camelback, and Mid-century Modern.

3. Usage. Ask yourself how are you gonna use your sofa? Do you have kids? Are they gonna jump on it? Will you sleep on it? Do you have dogs? Take into consideration all the factors that may affect your sofa and from there you will know what kind you are really needing.

4. Fillings. Be aware of what materials does your choice of sofa has. There are foams that deteriorate and flatten quickly.

5. Frame. Avoid frames that are made of metal and plastic. They have to be attached by strong and quality materials not just glue or staples.

When buying sofas, make sure you choose to buy a set with high quality materials. Some may look sophisticated but they won’t last that long. Pay attention on the price, not because it is cheap and pleasing to the eyes you have to buy.

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