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Nursing is never in my priority list. Many of my friends always ask why don’t I take the course nursing?  I performed well in my science subjects during elementary and high school but nursing is not my type.

First thing, I can’t see my self wearing nursing scrubs during my college days and working with white uniforms all night long taking care of other people. Sorry to say those things but I am not good in handling others. I don’t think they will feel fine if I’m around. I also don’t want to see blood or anything that is happening inside the hospital. Hospital is not the place for me. I can’t stand those babies crying due to pain or people who just lost their relatives. It’s painful for me even though we are not related. I can feel the pain deep down inside me. Whenever my cousin wears her nursing uniforms, I always ask myself if she’s into helping others or just want to go abroad to earn big since nursing graduates are highly needed in other countries.

I also don’t see myself wearing any uniform and go to my office every single day of my life. Fight with my boss whenever I feel I am right, go home very tired because of overflowing work. Do the same thing almost everyday and got paid very low.

All I want is a simple home based job, a happy family and a peaceful life. Taking care of my son is very tiring but I am willing to get tired for him.

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