Getting a Nanny? Think Twice.

I wanted to have a nanny.Having a personal helper will make me look rich just like what I saw in the television. It’s very funny because I still want to have a helper when I gave birth to Elijah.

Now that Elijah is turning three in a couple of months, there are many things that I learned. I need no helper or baby-sitter. My mom raised us all by herself. She didn’t get a helper to do the household chores because we didn’t have a budget for that and she can do everything. I learned to wash the dishes, iron my uniform and do the laundry before I graduated from elementary. I grew up responsible and that’s how I was raised. I want to raise Elijah just like how my mom raised me and my siblings.

Why get a nanny if I am a work-at-home mama? Why get a nanny if I can multi-task? Maybe you have your own reasons why you need a baby sitter but I will definitely not getting one as long as I can still balance motherhood and my work.

If we have a baby-sitter then I guess I won’t be able to see Elijah’s first walk, first run, etc. because I am busy working online or I am studying. He may also be not that affectionate to me because he will love his nanny more than his real mama. Well, I thank God for not giving us money when I wanted to have a nanny. 🙂

I am afraid of getting a baby sitter which is not my relative or I do not know personally. Those Facebook videos about nannies who hit kids and steal from their employers are very alarming. If you can do your responsibilities at home without inflicting problem to your work then I guess having a baby sitter is not an option. You have to know the advantage and disadvantages of getting a nanny. Think twice. Think a hundred times before getting a nanny.

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  1. This is so true. My sentiment is this, if I, being the mom of my child can lose it when things around the house gets too difficult to handle, how can I expect a stranger to love my own?

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