Lego Fan

My son is a big LEGO fan. As much as I want to give every LEGO set that he wants, I cannot because it is too expensive. The smallest box costs $25. Thanks to his generous Tita Karla and Tito Jayson for sponsoring two boxes on his birthday. The third set he has is the LEGO Duplo bought by his Lolo AL as a Christmas gift. Boy, the kid is very happy.

This LEGO mini figure costs $1 per piece. We managed to buy 2 pieces at the market. Yey! The mini figure is only the size of my pinky.

This Lego Duplo set costs $75. Yea, like seriously. $75 for 60 pieces Lego. There is no way I am going to spend more than $50 on less than 100 pieces Lego, sorry son.

It will be his graduation on March 28 and I asked his Ninang Kat if she can buy us the Lego Movie Lord Business Evil Lair set and will pay her in return, she told us not to worry because it will be her gift for Elijah. Yay!  One very happy and lucky child.

I am planning on buying him Lego Chima on his graduation since the biggest box is only $30 but I have to think of it yet.

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