How to Get Coffee Stain Out of Berber Carpet

Cleaning Berber carpets can be the easiest house chore in your home if you apply the best methods. These carpets are widely used because of their affordability and durable weave construction.

Many people make mistakes when cleaning Berber carpets that end up destroying their carpets even more with more adamant stains. This, however, should not be the case with you. We are going to show you the best way to quickly and safely clean your carpet correctly.

What you should consider before cleaning your Berber carpet

Before you decide on how you are going to clean your Berber carpet, there are various vital aspects you need to look into to ensure perfect results. Keep in mind the materials used to make your special carpet. Most carpets are made of three primary materials;

  • Polyester fiber (PET) – when you have a polyester fiber carpet, it is best to use steam cleaning methods. The reason is, polyester attracts oil and resists water. Polyester fiber Berber carpets are the cheapest and most stain-resistant Berber carpets.
  • Wool fiber – is the most expensive type of Berber carpet and does not resist water. Vacuum cleaning is the ideal method to use.
  • Nylon fiber – when you are thinking of dry-cleaning methods, this is the best carpet for you. Despite being nylon, it does not resist water more than polyester.

Berber carpet cleaning requires a systematic step-by-step procedure to ensure a spotlessly clean carpet. We are, therefore, going to discuss the steps and best methods to use when you clean Berber carpet.

Removing stains

There are varieties of both store-bought and DIY methods that can effectively aid you in removing stains from your carpet. Deciding the best way will largely depend on the type of material and the size of the stain. The different cleaning methods include;

1. The cold-water method

The coldwater method is the first easy method of removing a fresh stain from your Berber carpet. Fresh stains like milk spills and other liquids can easily be cleaned with cold water immediately.

To remove the stain, blot it with a dry clean cotton cloth while applying pressure to remove as much liquid as possible. Use clean cold water to rub the stain from outside gently. Water will expand the carpet fibers, and you will notice the stain color on the piece of cloth.

Continue until you remove all the stains from the carpet. Blot the wet area again with a dry clean cloth and apply pressure to dry out the moisture.

2. Vinegar water method

If the stain cannot be removed by the cold-water method, you can try using this method. The water-vinegar method.

Mix cold water and the vinegar in a ratio of 5:1 Start by blotting the stained area using a clean piece of cloth to remove the liquid. Using the vinegar-water solution, gently wipe the stains from the outside, moving inwards. After you remove the stain, vacuum-clean the moisture part to remove all the water.


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