The Benefits of Chess for Kids

Elijah is showing much eagerness in learning how to play Chess. I am not sure where does he get it because we are never talking about Chess. My guess is that he always see the kids in our neighborhood playing Chess every afternoon and he thought it must be very interesting to play.

At first, we hesitated on buying him a Chess board since I do not know how to play it, I told him that we should buy the Snakes & Ladder board instead because it is fun but he insisted that he wanted a Chess board, so we bought it and asked Lloyd to teach him. We also downloaded a Chess app on his iPad so he can play with a real pro (“the computer”).

Playing Chess has a lot of benefits and it is a good thing that we do not have to ask and beg Elijah to learn it. It is embarrassing to say but Elijah is the one who taught me the moves of each Chess pieces. Thank you, kid.

Chess can help your kid develop his analyzing, thinking, concentration, and planning skills. It promotes imagination and creativity. It is fun and keeps Elijah from using his iPad for hours, also our keeps our bonding time longer.

Chess is cheap. We bought ours for only $1.50. It is the cheapest that we can see in the board games section. The Chess app we downloaded for his iPad was also free.



Elijah’s 5th Birthday

Elijah turned 5 y/o about 4 weeks ago. Yes, this is a late post so please forgive me as I do not have time for blogging anymore.

We celebrated his birthday on August 31 since it is Sunday so all of our relatives can come and join the fun. Sadly, I didn’t enjoy it since I was having the episode of my life again. It was Elijah’s 2nd time to celebrate his birthday here in Bulacan.

Happy birthday Elijah! You will always be our baby. We love you. Thank you for being my son and staying by my side even if I am bad and crazy.

Thank you Lloyd for the handa. :p