Some Important Tips To Know When Buying A Sofa

Newman & Bright is a custom sofa manufacturer that specialises in creating Chesterfield sofas. Having more then 10 years of experience, they offer some important tips to know when buying a sofa. Most important of all, is the of course how comfortable it is. You can go for the most expensive designer sofa in the world, if you cant rest on it then it wont be doing you enough good. Never forget, sofas are primarily for enjoying and relaxing, and only secondary for looks and aesthetics.

True, Chesterfield sofas in particular created to be extremely pleasing to the eye and are indeed very regal, but know that royalty comes with a price. If you do want your dining room to have one of these classics, you will have to treat it with respect. I always say, treat your sofa well and it will reciprocate. If you bash it around, sit on it with shoes and forget to clean it, it will wear away faster than you can imagine.

That’s why if you do have kids at home, it’s worth going for a leather sofa and to stay clear from fabrics. What are you going to do if the baby spills his chocolate milk on the fabric sofa, its hard to get these kind of stains out of a real fabric sofa. However, with a leather sofa you make sure to find the right cleaning agent and in 5 minutes your sofa is as good as new. Be careful when selecting a product to use a cleaning agency on leather, choose the wrong one and you’ll find yourself with a different colour leather sofa then you had before as some chemicals inside of non-approved cleaners will ruin the colour of the leather. On some sofas baby wipes are the best to use but make sure from you supplier that for that model it is recommended.

Lastly if you need any sofas for Christmas, Newman & Bright will be having a great sale where you can get your sofas for a bargain and yet not compromise on price. That’s what we all want to achieve, a good product for an even better price. Their showroom is in Manchester and they are open all week. Make sure to pop in and sit down and test drive all the different kinds of sofas they offer, you’re sure to find something. If you can’t go all the way down, then just browse around online! Good luck.

Nutrition Month: Healthy Bento Im-bento Baon Idea

In the Philippines, we celebrate Nutrition Month every July. I was not aware of it until last month. I am truly sorry if I do not know what is going on around me.

Last month was Elijah’s first Nutrition Month. He wasn’t able to join last year because we enrolled him late. His first nutrition month was a blast because he was able perform in front of the crowd and witnessed his schoolmates perform different acts like singing, dancing, acting and some even shared their nutrition month themed pick-up lines which made us all laugh. Witty kids!

In celebration of nutrition month, we were asked (parents) to bring something healthy for the kids like fruits, vegetables, cooked fish, meat, etc.. Being a mother of a picky eater who only knows Yakult and Lava Cake/Whatta Tops for his snack, I spent my whole day thinking what should I bring to school. Can you guess?

I present to you my Healthy Bento Im-bento Baon. It is composed of a peeled orange, slices of apple and banana, mixed vegetables (peas, beans, carrots), cooked rice, and cornflakes coated chicken breast.

As you can see, I have no skills in designing this bento. When God showered skills, I was asleep. So there.

Anyway, here is a sneak peak of their Nutrition Month short program.